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Happy Easter

Love and service. Love that serves. Love until the end. And serve by loving until the end. That’s how to walk with Jesus.” ~ Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

We continue our Easter Celebration by wholeheartedly thanking Fr. Rickey and the St. Joseph Catholic Church (Farmington, Missouri) for their generous donation! We are honored and humbled by your continued support. Since 2009, Bright Start has been the bridge for those who would like to share their blessings to children living in less-fortunate circumstances. With your donation, we are able to have more Bright Start events.

Fr. Rickey and the St. Joseph Catholic Church gave their first donation when we had our Project Sunshine in 2013. This was our big project for areas that were affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

As such, every time Fr. Rickey sends us the good news that they have raised funds for Bright Start, we find it appropriate to revisit and provide support to the schools that were included during Project Sunshine.

We had two Share-the-Love events recently. These were at Langub Elementary School, Kinatarcan, Sta. Fe, Cebu and at Baybay I SPED, Leyte. It is always heartwarming to be part of momentous events. A big congratulations to all the teachers and students for a job well done for schoolyear 2015-2016.

To God be the Glory!

It is heartwarming to hear from the teachers that the students were able to use the books that were previously donated. Also, we're glad that the students were able to use the computers because of the solar panels that we've donated. Kinatarcan Island has electricity from 5 pm until 12 midnight/ 1 a.m. only. Bright Start makes sure that generous donations like the ones given by Fr. Rickey and the St. Joseph Catholic Church truly make a difference in the lives of young children. That way, those who have few school resources will have a chance to learn more.

Photo Credits: Juvilyn Coray

All top ten students from Kinder to Grade 6 were given special gifts. Congratulations to all!

A big thank you to the principal, Ma'am Celuna Retunal and to all teachers! Thank you Ma'am Tereline Bihag for helping us purchase and distribute the gifts.

Daghang Salamat!

Photo Credits: Juvilyn Coray

Snack drive for the 83 students of the Baybay I SPED during their closing ceremonies. A big thank you to their principal Ma'am Leslie M. Arbiol for the opportunity and to all SPED teachers especially Ma'am Carlyn Didal-Flores for facilitating the distribution.

Daghang Salamat!

Photo Credits: Carlyn Didal-Flores

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