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Bright Passions: Marem Flores

"Grateful for happy givers.”

Our friends in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving Day and we are one in them in giving thanks for one’s blessings. Bright Start will always be grateful for those who have been part of our projects for the past seven years.

For today, we are featuring a remarkable and supportive Bright Start Hero… MAREM P. FLORES. From Cebu City, the Flores’ family immigrated to the US in 2007. The Tualatin Public Library, where Marem and her daughters frequently visited and volunteered, was part in making Oregon their new home. Who would have thought that this was the start of Marem’s destiny of being known as the “book lady” in Tualatin because the public school librarians would now contact her if they have books for donation? We can't thank Marem enough for her hard work and dedication. Because of her effort, Bright Start has been blessed with new Bright Start Heroes. We are grateful for all the public school libraries in Tualatin and for Marem’s friends who have helped cover the shipping costs. With all these books, Bright Start’s recipients have increased as well. And that means, more children will have the chance to enjoy reading.

Sharing Marem’s post last October 17, 2016:

"In 2015, I responded to Cebuano Ging Guangko Baylon's challenge of filling a public elementary school's library with books. With limited resources, I had to dream small. I would be happy to gather 50 books from friends and send it over to Ging. Somehow, though, a most unexpected blessing happened! Through the generosity of volunteers from the Tualatin city library and the school district's libraries, over 900 books were collected and shipped to various schools and day care centers all over the Philippines!
Mission done? Not quite since over the summer, I received another donation of over 500 (I stopped counting...) books from elementary school libraries in Tualatin's school district. Generous BrightStart partners made it possible to send more books to more schools in the Philippines!
It will be an exciting December when the books arrive at their final destination. For the love of reading, and the love of children, and the love of connecting Tualatin and the Philippines - dream big!!!”

Thank you Marem. Wishing you and your family more blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

To God be the Glory!

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