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More Bright Readers for Love Month

“Kindness to children, love for children, goodness to children — these are the only investments that never fail.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Love month begins with showing the children we care. Enjoy reading kids!
We are very grateful for our donors, the Metzger and Bridgeport Elementary Schools. A big thank you as well to Jennifer Graves (district librarian), Marem Flores, the advisers, and T. Irene for making this possible.

To God be the Glory!

Grade 1 Section 1 adviser: Mrs. Nanny Adizas 
Grade 2 Section 5 adviser: Mrs. Alona A.Morillo 
 Photo Credits. Irene Igaya
Grade 4 Section 5 Adviser: Mrs. Isabel Guiyab 
Grade 6 Section 1 Adviser: Ms. Icy J. Clorion 
 Photo Credits: Irene Munda

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