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Gifts that Help

We are immensely grateful to Robin, Alexi, and Elisa Sarmiento for once again making a generous donation in the name of their family and friends. Thank you for sharing the true spirit of Christmas!

Donors 2012:

1. Charlie and Isabel Velasco
2. Arlo and Martine Sarmiento and family
3. Marko and Aimil Sarmiento and family
4. Sandro and Fabienne Bucher
5. Jon and Pebbles Syjuco and family
6. William and Mykee Paradies and family
7. Iker and Amanda Aboitiz and doggies
8. Patrick Reyes
9. Juan and Nikki Aboitiz and family
10. Andre and Maitina Borromeo and family
11. Kiyo and Kenzo Takahashi
12. Mikel Sala and Nicole Coromina
13. Paolo Reyes
14. Mico and Ester Cruz
15. Jovi Neri
16. AEV SCFG Team
17. Teresing Mendezona
18. Johnny and Anna Marie Dizon
19. Guill and Lorie Rodriqguez
20. Mariano and Maricar Perdices
21. Anton and Maripaz Perdices
22. Leanne Florendo
23. Marc and Simone Gonzalez
24. Carlo and Monique Lopez
25. Vince and Nikki Garcia and family
26. Paul and Sandra Jalbuena and family
27. John Jalbuena and family
28. Charles and Marge Huenefeld and family
29. Gec and Anna Go
30. Chito and Carmen Afable and family
31. Darlene Alpuerto
32. Ed Alunan
33. Mayo and Maribel Ongsingco and famiy
34. Judy Syjuco
35. Candy Ortoll
36. Micky and Maritess Yong
37. Rampi Sarmiento and family
38. Ken Brown and Bobbi Sarmiento
39. Rafael and Elizabeth Alunan
40. Bong and Katrina Gonzalez and family
41. Mark and Barni Escaler and family
42. Rafa and Amina Alunan and family
43. Carlo and Christina Gatmaitan and family
44. Mercedes Jalbuena
45. Patricia Mancao
46. Shella Laxa
47. Dr Virginia Abalos
48. Dr Vita Mendezona

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