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Project Sunshine Phase 2: School Matters

School helps children resume a sense of normalcy, which is critical to their emotional recovery. Schools are also a protective environment for children, who are more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the aftermath of disasters.

Project Sunshine's main goal for the rehabilitation stage (i.e. phase 2) is to provide assistance (resources permitting) to the barangay to rebuild or refurnish their day care center or kinder classroom.

Classes in these areas have already been disrupted. Schools are partially or completely destroyed. We hope that as soon as possible, we can help rebuild the classrooms such that children can learn and play with their friends once again.

Presented below are information we have gathered. Updates will be posted accordingly.

Brgy. Canhabagat, Medellin, Cebu
Canhabagat Day Care Center
Teacher: Brenda Booc
No. of Students:
18 boys
22 girls
total: 40 students
Status: partially damaged (roof and door)
Classes resumed on November 25, 2013

Update to be given on the cost of fixing their roof and door.
Update: December 2, 2013: The day care center needed P5,000 to be be able to repair their roof and door. This includes cost of materials and labor.
Update: December 3, 2013: P5,000 was sent to Ms. Brenda Booc.
Update: December 15, 2013: Project Sunshine Update #7: Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers at Canhabagat Day Care Center
Update: January 21, 2014: Roof and Door has been fixed

Photo Credits: An-An Donaire


Pictures shared by: Margie Librero
Brgy. Pandan, Bogo, Cebu

There's no day care center in Brgy. Pandan.
School-aged children go to Bogo Central School.

Bogo Health Center
City Health Officer: Dr. Minerva Millor
Provides services for 29 barangays in Bogo

Since Bright Start primarily promotes the health and well-being of the children, we have pledged to extend help to Bogo City Health.  At present, the health center remains closed due to the damages it sustained. Vital basic health services cannot be provided. Our contact person and a health center staff, Ms. Margie Sumayang, has reported that their immediate need is for them to fix the roof.  Updates will be given as soon as we have the estimated cost to buy the galvanized iron corrugated sheets that they are requesting.

Update: November 26, 2013: They need 68 pcs of the G.I. sheets. Total amount: Php 21,119.
Update: November 28, 2013: The following Items have been purchased: (50) pcs corrugated sheets 8ft x 22 - Php 292.00 each, (15) pcs corruggated sheets 10ft x 22- Php 392.00 each, (3) pcs plain GI sheets 24x3x8 - Php 639.00 each.
Update: December 6, 2013: Roof has been repaired.

More pictures: Project Sunshine Update #5: Bogo Health Center
Update: December 19, 2013: Project Sunshine Update #9: Christmas Gift for Bogo Health Center


Pictures shared by: Margie Sumayang

Brgy. Libertad, Daanbantayan, Cebu
Barangay Libertad Primary School
School Head: Mrs. Rosannete Espinosa
No. of students per level:
kinder - 25
grade1- 20
grade 2 - 22
grade 3 -20
grade 4 - 12
Total: 99 students
Status of 2 main buildings and 1 building for Kinder: totally damaged

According to our contact and a school teacher, Ms. Argin Yongco, DepEd has announced that classes should resume already and they will leave it up to the teacher's initiative on how to conduct classes. However, students stayed home due to weather conditions (i.e. it is very hot to have classes without roof or they get wet if it rains).

While waiting for concrete plans from barangay officials and the municipal government on the assistance they can get,  their school head plans to put up temporary tents. They have requested 40 meters of tarpaulin which costs about Php 250/ meter.
Update: December 2, 2013: World Vision has given temporary tents. We have pledged for reconstruction of at least two classrooms. We are waiting for the estimate once Mrs. Argin finds a private contractor since it may take a while if we wait for government to help with the cost of labor.
Update: December 14: 2013: With our limited budget, we informed the school that we can help repair the partially damaged white buidling. However, the Swiss Humanitarian also pledged to help them fix that same building. The principal requested we rebuild a new kinder classroom because it is completely damaged. Prayers were answered when Engr. Gerald Ortiz, agreed to help us with this mission. He is designing a kinder classroom that will fit our budget of Php130-180K. Thank you sir!
Update: December 16, 2013: The different views of the new kinder classroom. Asian Theme. A mixture of indeginous materials and steel will be used. Low cost yet sturdy.

Update: December 30, 2013L Foundation & floor leveling started and about to be finish. Materials have already arrived.

Pictures shared by: Engr. Gerald Ortiz
Update: December 29, 2013: Project Sunshine Update #10: Gifts for Libertad Primary School Students, Daanbantayan, Cebu
Update: January 17, 2014
Pictures shared by: Engr. Gerald Ortiz
Update: January 18: And we learned that sadly, the Libertad Primary School also needs comfort rooms (CR) for the students. It is quite unimaginable for a school not to have comfort rooms. But reality bites. Bright Start is working on raising more money such that the school will have at least 1 CR.
Update: January 20: Bright is happy to annouce that we will let Engr. Ortiz build a male and female comfort room for Libertad Primary School. Cost is Php 40K.
Update: February 21: The new Kinder classroom is now ready to be used. Total cost: P180K.
For more pictures, please click here.

Picture shared by: Mrs. Rosanette Espinosa
Baybay, Leyte
Baybay I SpED School
(Inside Baybay I Central School)
Contact person:
Mrs. Carlyn D. Flores - SpED Teacher
Principal: Mrs. Elsa Bathan-Tabudlong

Student Profile:
Hearing Impairment: male-10 female-10 = 20
Visual Impairment/ Mutiple Disabilitiy with Visual Impairment: male-8 female-5 = 13
Intellectual Disability: male-5 female-7 = 12
Learning Disability: male-28 female-12 = 40
Children with Autism: male-6 female-2 = 8

Mainstreamed Children with Disabilities (Grade 1 - Grade 6): male-8 female-6 = 14

Total: 107 students
Age Range: 4 years old through 28 years old

The school sustained minor damages after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The school's request is for us to sponsor their weekly feeding program since most of their students come from less fortunate families.

Update: December 7, 2013: The first box (110 yogurt milk and 110 biscuits) for the feeding program was sent to Mrs. Elsa Tabudlong. It is expected to arrive before December 13, 2013.
Update: December 13, 2013: First Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #6: Baybay I SPED School First Snack Drive
Update: December 19, 2013: Second Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #8: Baybay I SPED School Second Snack Drive
Update: January 29, 2014: Third Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #13: Baybay I SPED School Third Snack Drive
Update: February 14, 2014: Fourth Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #15: Baybay I SPED School Fourth Snack Drive
Update: March 12, 2014: Fifth Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #17: Baybay I SPED School Fifth Snack Drive
Update: March 19, 2014: Sixth Snack Drive
Pictures: Project Sunshine Update #18: Baybay I SPED School Sixth Snack Drive

Pictures shared by: Caryln D. Flores
Palompon South Central School
Palompon, Leyte
Principal: Mr. Artemio Cardillo
TOTAL No. of Pupils: 1,385
Grade 6: 174
Grade 3: 211
Information given by Mr. Cardillo
Reconstruction has not started. Estimated no. of G.I. sheets needed: 500. No manpower to fix the roof. About half of the classrooms are not functional.

Update: December 4, 2013: A private contractor has visited the school. We are waiting for their estimate.
Update: December 6, 2013: We have an estimate for the reconstruction of Palompon South Central School. It's Php650,000 for the 5 classrooms. We can only pledge for 1 classroom based on the funds we have.
Update: December 7, 2013: Contractor came up with a good plan to maximize our limited funds. They will fix 2-3 rooms including the clinic which were not badly damaged, compared to 1 room to fix ground up. Php130k will include materials and labor. Half of the amount was sent to contractor. Contractor intends to finish work before the new year so that by January 6, 2014, the students will have better classrooms that will be conducive to learning.
Update: December 10, 2013 Reconstruction of the 3 classrooms for Grade 6 students have started.

If there's extra money left, they will fix these 2 classrooms for Grade 3 students.

Pictures shared by: Napoleon Seth Chua and William Arevalo, III
Update: December 19, 2013: We were able to send additional Php40K such that the roof and "kisame" of Grade 3 classrooms can also be repaired (but without paint).
Update: December 20, 2013. We are especially thankful for Wella Crowder, from South Hill, Virginia who has pledged to donate the needed Php20K for the painting of roof and "kisame". She said, "Painting might be a good idea...color is good for kids." Thank you Wella!
Update: January 7, 2014: The two buildings being repaired is almost done. The contractor is planning to paint the rooms.
More pictures: Project Sunshine Update #12: Repair of Grade 3 and Grade 6 Classrooms in Palompon South Central School, Leyte

Project Sunshine Update #14: Pencils for Kinder Students at Palompon South Central School (Leyte)

Pictures shared by: Napoleon Seth Chua and William Arevalo, III

San Agustin Elementary School
Madridejos, Bantayan Cebu
Principal: Ms. Elmra Vilano
Status of Kinder Classroom: Damaged. Cannot be used.
Need: Php30K to fix the kinder classroom

Update: January 24, 2014: We received donations and pledges for this mission. Thank you very much Bright Start heroes.
Update: July 2014: According to Engr. Ortiz, DEPED was going to build some structures in the area.
Status: endorsed for St. Joseph Libary, Langub Elementary School, Kinatarcan Island, Sta. Fe, Cebu.
Pictures shared by: Engr. Gerald Ortiz

Dalingding Elementary School 
Daanbantayan, Cebu
Principal: Mrs. Erlinda A. Tabora
Status: Grade 1 classrooms are partially damaged but cannot be used

Update: February 11, 2014 Duinoordschool te Den Haag --- a school in Holland --- raised money to help repair the roof. Thank you J & M for facilitating the donation.

Picture Shared by: Engr. Gerald Ortiz

Update: March 5, 2014:There is a slight change for Dalinding Elementary School (Daanbantayan, Cebu). Instead of contributing for the repair of the Grade 1 classroom, the money donated for this will be used to repair 3 units of comfort rooms since Shangrila Hotel and Dedon will be repairing all classrooms.

Photo Credits: Engr. Gerald Ortiz

Update: March 29, 2014: Engr. Gerald Ortiz and his team have finished repairing the comfort rooms. They also overhauled the plumbing.

Photo Credits: Engr. Gerald Ortiz

Paypay Elementary School
Bogo City
Principal: Mr. Rommel Compuesto

Status: May 3, 2014: COMPLETED


Langub Elementary School
Kinatarcan, Sta. Fe., Cebu
School Head/ TIC: Mrs. Celuna Retanal
Brigada Eskwela Coordinator: Mrs. Tereline Bihag
No. of Students: 350 (Kinder - Grade 6)

Update: April 4, 2014: According to Engr. Ortiz (of Discovering Kinatarcan), their request is a multi-purpose structure they can use as interim classroom or faculty room that they can use immediately.
Update: April 19, 2014: Engr. Ortiz has confirmed that he will build a structure similar to Libertad Kindergarten for P150K. Structure will be called St. Joseph Library and Multi-Purpose Room since the donor are the Parishioners of St. Joseph Church (Missouri). Thank you Fr. Rickey for facilitating.
Update: May 6, 2014: Engr. Ortiz said San Agustin and Kinatarcan Project will be finished end of May.
Update: May 10, 2014: Full payment of P150K was made to Engr. Ortiz and duly acknowledged.
Update: July 11, 2014: Engr. Ortiz has sent a message that they have made the structure fully concrete since indigenous materials are not advisable due to strong winds thus cost has increased. Budget of San Agustin has been endorsed to this project.
Update: September 13, 2014: Asked for completion date, Engr. Ortiz said "Target end of October."
Update: November 2, 2014: Engr. Ortiz was asked to complete project by November 7, 2014 and to send documentation.
Update: November 8, 2014: Engr. Ortiz has not complied. Thus, Bright Start has severed ties with Engr. Ortiz and will be dealt accordingly.

Aside from helping the barangays rebuild vital institutions for the children, we will be giving in-kind donations of clothes, toys, and school supplies (from international donors) to the students in time for Valentine's day. Balikbayan boxes that were already sent usually takes about two months to arrive in Cebu.  

Our Appeal 

Bright Start is then appealing to generous individuals who can help us help the children and be part of the Project Sunshine Team! In-kind donations needed are vitamins, books, toys, and school supplies for children. Monetary donations are most welcome. These will be used to buy food items for the nutrition drive, to facilitate our mission (e.g. fuel for transportation), and to purchase necessary construction materials.

Cebu City Drop-off sites:

Kids' World Child Development Center 
Edison St., Lahug, Cebu City (near Ching Palace Restaurant and St. Therese Church)
Contact Person: Marge Serafin

Learning Ladder Prep School
#66 Don Gervacio Quijada Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City
Contact Person: Ruth Catingan

Metro Manila
BF Homes, Parañaque - Eric Baylon

International Drop-off Sites and Contact Persons:

Austin, Texas - Azele Reeves
Camarillo, California - Dahlia Saavedra
Woodside, New York - Sherille Peggy
Valparaiso, Indiana - Flora Ellis
Stockton, California - Theresa Limalima Narvaez

Canberra, Australia - Leah Epistola

To avoid spammers, kindly send us private message for their contact information.

Bank Details

Account Name: Bright Start Children's Special Services, Inc.
Banco De Oro Peso Checking Account # 7448-0000-20
Banco De Oro Dollar Savings Account # 7440-0012-03
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

All cash donations are acknowledged with an official receipt.

This is a work-in-progress, please visit our site for updates. For more inquiries, please email us at brightstartcebu@gmail.com

Once again, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has shown their support. Daghang Salamat!

To God be the Glory!

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