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Leah Epistola and Family (Color-My-World)
Sarah Jean O. Fernandez (Share-the-Love)
Lee Jerwin L. Beduya (Share-the-Love)
University of the Visayas - Gullas College of Medicine Students (Share-the-Love)
Lions Club Centennial - Cebu and Iloilo (Share-the-Love)
Mr. and Mrs. Conrado Baylon
Edith Yap (Share-the-Love)
Caresan Lumanta (Share-the-Love)
Aaron Cisneros (Share-the-Love)
Helen Young (Bright Reader)
Metzger Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Byrom Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Bridgeport Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Sarah Bautista (Bright Reader)
Laura Stewart (Bright Reader)
Marge Congress (Bright Reader)
Jennifer Graces (Birght Reader)
Rodel and Marem Flores and (Bright Reader)
Fr. Rickey and St. Joseph Parish Church (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World, Bright Start Angel Fund)
Flora Ellis and Family (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World)
Jamie Henry (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World)
Pat Wong (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World)
Jane Kathryn Teo (Share-the-Love)
La Mariposa Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Kelly Borchard (Bright Reader)
Natalie Swarts (Bright Reader)
Dahlia and Bryan Saavedra (Bright Reader)
Yadell Mondares (Share-the-Love)
Verms Villero (Share-the-Love)
Conrado and Corazon Baylon (Share-the-Love)
Anonymous Donors (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World, Bright Start Angel Fund)

Byrom Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Bridgeport Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Sarah Bautista (Bright Reader)
Laura Stewart (Bright Reader)
Marge Congress (Bright Reader)
Rodel and Marem Flores and (Bright Reader)
Fr. Rickey and St. Joseph Parish Church (Bright Reader, Share-the-Love, Color-My-World, Operation Webster, Bright Start Angel Fund)
Gaile Yana (Bright Reader)
Yadell Mondares (Share-the-Love)
Mr. Tio (Bright Reader and Share-the-Love)
Henry Gee Co (Share-the-Love)
Kimberly G. Olitres (Share-the-Love)
Lyra Malapitan and Family (Share-the-Love)
Jennifer Graves (Bright Reader)
Metzger Elementary School (Bright Reader)
Nellie Chiu (Bright Reader)
Bisai Art (Bright Reader)
Artists for Others (Bright Reader)

Yadell Mondares (Bright Start Angel Fund)
Flora Ellis and Family (Share-the-Love)
Leah Epistola Family (Color-My-World)
Lyra Malapitan Family and Friends (Give Books Give Love)
Fr. Rickey and St. Joseph Parish Church (Give Books Give Love, Lahug SPED Special Project, Bright Start Angel Fund)
Marem Flores (Give Books Give Love)
Tualatin (Oregon) Library (Give Books Give Love)
Learning Ladder Cebu Children's House (Give Books Give Love)
Ruth and Ronald Catingan (Share-the-Love)
Cynthia Gabucan (Give Books Give Love)
Charla Laroa (Give Books Give Love, Share-the-Love)
Kite Strings Development Center (Bright Start Angels)
Apple Montes (Give Books Give Love)
Megan, Mike, Selena, Malaya (Give Books Give Love)
Kids World Child Development Center (Give Books Give Love)
Lisly Alcano (Bright Start Angels Fund)
Byrom Elementary School, Tualatin, Oregon (Give Books Give Love)
Sarah Bautista (Give Books Give Love)
Laura Stewart (Give Books Give Love)
Marge Congress (Give Books Give Love)
Sharon Rama (Share-the-Love)
Jennifer Graves (Give Books Give Love)
Bridgeport Elementary School, Tualatin, Oregon (Give Books Give Love)
Dahlia Saaverda and Family (Share-the-Love)


Kathleen Boylon Horn and her sons Grady and Wills
Angel Legaspi
Flora Ellis' Family and Friends
Lyra Malapitan Family and Friends
Jeanette and Lee Go
Saavedra Family and Camarillo Friends
Marem Flores and Family
Lisly Alcano

Project Sunshine Team

March 2014
Kentucky Day County School
Bobby Copley
Tracy Legaspi-Copley
Mrs. Angel Legaspi

February 2014
Duinoordschool te Den Haag
Jennifer van Dijk and Family
Marimee Marañon and Family
Morgan Park Academy (Chicago, IL)
Vincent Hermosilla
Angela Beatriz B. Cabrera
Andrew Bennett B. Cabrera
Joy and Ernest Cabrera

January 2014
The South Hill United Methodist Church-Missions Committee
Sarah C. Palugod
Fe Vergara
An-an Donaire
Arnold Pepino and Family
Julie Guangko

December 22- December 31, 2013
Pepino Family
Maricel Peralta
Maribeth Villon
Janela del Fierro
Marni Añonuevo
Faust Maglinao
Sheena Mae Carangue
Chelo Galeos
Zhyryll Bao
Catherine Guy-Lontok
Fides Bagayas
Xenia Maglasay
Charise Cooper and Family
Perty Luciano
Chua Family
Abdelkader Family
Gregory Reeves and Family
Rizzy Cruz

December 14 - December 21
Gerald S. Ortiz
KaBos'94 / Team Trijug
Seanelle Tampepe
Harry James Ramos
Jana Mitzi Abapo
Bobby and Delia Baniel and Family
Joy Cabrera and Family
Cherry Tan and Family
Gladys Salutillo and Family
RJ Baniel and Family
Gail Baniel and Dax
Roy Manuel Family
Cindy Conejero and Family
Mae Ann Uy and Family
Manfred Guangko and Family
Armand Guangko and Family
Lucille Calubaquib and Family
Mitos Guangko and Family
Karen Rendeza and Family
Yadell and Gerald Mondares
Edna Chiong and Family
Manuel Chiong and Family
Carlina Roa and Family
Sandra Sy and Family

December 3 - December 13, 2013
Liuslina and Tom Sooter
Cleofe Guangko-Casambre
Romy London
Napoleon Seth Chua

November 29 - December 2, 2013
Smallwood Family
Novicio Family
Filipino American Association of the Permian Basin
Paasch Family
Sandoval Family
Shepard Family
Repunte Family
Engleman Family
Palazuelos Family
Connie Lu

November 24 - November 28, 2013
Wella Llanos-Crowder
Kim Callis
Anna B. Cratch
Dogwood Graphics
Shannon Facchina
Glenn and Linda Barbour
Cory and David Love
Rebecca Crowder
Glenn and Robin Allen
First Christian School
First Baptist Church of South Hill, Virginia
Gwyneth Hooper and Family
Glenda P. Zapatos
Golda Rama Aseniero
Fr. Rickey Valleroy of St. Joseph Parish (Farmington, MO)
Edna Pelopero

November 20 - November 23, 2013
Darcy Borella
Nita Ward
Delfin Ward
Jill Durkee
Mary Ann and Jim Reyes
Wanda Robillard
Fausto Cheng
Georgescu Family
Lisly Alcano
Sheena Marie and Jaime Cavazos
Riza Lucero
Aileen Cabreros
Silver Miah C. Lisondra
Myra Ramos
Mitzi Ocañada

November 17 - November 19, 2013
Joanna Chanco
Mayette Leuzze and Family
Mr. Roland and Mrs. Fe Catungal
Dr. Jee and Catherine Domael
Dr Kristoferson and Shailyn Catungal
Erlinda Catungal Wessel
Lily and Alfredo G.
Mary Ann & James Meyers
Edoardo Consogno
Marem Flores and Family
Melba Yongco
Doreen and Dinah
Haidee Mataragnon
Dr. Irelan Evasco
Agnes Varquez
Mariebeth Casipong
Roni Ocubillo
Dr. Nelia Nuevas
Jonathan Flores
Florence Co
Cynthia Balaguer
Dr. Ellen Gasendo
Maris Verdeflor
Mariebeth Casipong
Loruella Mae Lucero
April Mae Milay
Dian and Scott Parks
Suzette Bualat and family
Trixy and Joel de Guia
Conrado and Corazon Baylon
Pinky Moises and Family
Margie Sumayang
Maria Argin Yongco

November 14 - November 16, 2013
Aileen and Henry Tanchan
Denny Pasilan
Reinne Jasme and Family
Lyra Malapitan and Family
Reboroso family
Liston family
Diener family
Hamoy family
The Colleens
Derek Van Os
Jane Cuta and Family
Michelle Lim
Deanna Green
Jeanette and Lee Go
Sonia Perez
Nancy of Good Samaritan
Kenneth Catungal and Family

November 11-November 13, 2013
Agnes Villarojo and Family
Mai Go and Juan Carlos Cardenas
Joy Droke and Bob Droke
Karen Capistrano
Sue Ann Taladua Sanchez and Family
Joanna and Edward Chanco
Suzette Ramos Bualat and Family
Dr. Sing and Anita Uy
Deanna Girolamo Green and Family
Nita Catanus Ward and Family
Michelle Lim
Uvannie Castro and Family
Kenneth and Evelyn Catungal and Family
Leah Smith and Family
Kids' World Child Development Center
Learning Ladder Prep School
Randell Ivan Agbulos Cañete
Flora Ellis
Theresa Limalima Narvaez
Crismarie & Boy Suganob and Family
Gian Sebastian Q. Lucero
Mervin Galagnra
Dominic Cabasa
Rhonpete Belgida

Sponsors: January 2009-October 2013

Akiko O.
Xenia M.
Aaron C.
Eugene V.
Rhoda T.
Lisly A.
Kite Strings
Babylin R.
Robin and Alexi S.
Addie, Lya, Dina, Cathy, Jen
Jeanne, Liza, Lizette, Neil
Janine D. and Family
Sandra R.
Jeanne O.
Jill D.
Jeanette and Lejanson G.
Sandra S.
Pam and Omar S.
Cheryl G.
Agnes, Coelis, Justin, and Josh V.
Aphra Mary and Abegail S.
Lyra M. and Family
April and Egbert E.
Aniceta G.
Jill C. and Family
May G. and Kids' World Child Development Center
Leah, J, and Erin E.
Dahlia, Bryan, and Kayla S.
Azele, Brian, and Dasha R.
Ruth C. and Family
Sherille P.
Christine B.
Marge L. and Family
Lalaine P. and Family
Anne T.
Joy, Ernest, Angela, and Andrew C.
Janine, Armand, Reese, and Roman G.
Karen R. and Family
Aniceta G. and Family
Catharine G. and Family
David D.

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