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Project Sunshine #20: Distribution of In- Kind Donations

A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference. ~ Eeyore

A number of Bright Start heroes shared clothes, toys, pencils, and crayons for Project Sunshine. Fifty Grade 1 students of Dalingding Elementary School (Daanbanatayan, Cebu) got pencils and crayons. These items were donated by friends from Texas, USA. Since we have distributed school supplies to the students of Libertad Primary School (Daanbantayan, Cebu), we gave clothes for the children of the teachers. For the 40 students at Canhabagat Day Care Center (Medellin, Cebu), they were given stuff toys and pencils. Items for Libertad and Canhabagat were donated by friends from Oregon, USA. We are grateful for the support of Ms. Marem Flores. They took care of shipping these items. Lastly, for Bogo Health Center beneficiaries, the clothes were donated by Learning Ladder Prep School (Guadalupe, Cebu City) students. We would like to thank Dr. Minerva Millor, Bogo City Health Officer, for facilitating.

As always, in order to have these items distributed, we need Bright Start volunteers. We would like to thank Engr. Gerald Ortiz and friends, Ruth Catingan, and Marge Librero.

We have more items to distribute. So stay tuned. Thank you once again to Project Sunshine Team! To God be the Glory!

Photo Credits: Engr. Gerald Ortiz, Marge Librero, Ruth Catingan, and Dr. Minerva Millor

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