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Bright Start Celebrates 6th Year Anniversary

“Sharing is letting miracles unfold.” ~ G.B.

Happy 6th anniversary to the Bright Start family!

Our projects, whether big or small, reflect our commitment to be an avenue for people to bring positive changes in the lives of children especially those with special needs. Disparities may continue to exist but we have witnessed what a simple crayon can do for a child or what it means for students in a school located in a remote island to finally have dictionaries and encyclopedias in their classrooms.

On behalf of all the beneficiaries, we are truly grateful to all our Bright Start Heroes! Thank you for all the donations that have made a difference in the lives of children. Thank you for the time and effort. Thank you for sharing!

Cheers to more Bright Start years!

Bridge the Gap. Together, we CAN make a difference.

To God be the Glory.

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